Back on Lyrica :(

A few weeks ago I had another stellate ganglion radiofrequency block, previous ones have given almost immediate relief but this one has unfortunately not had any effect. I have my suspicions it may be due to me “wiggling” a bit during the procedure. I’ve always been given a small amount of sedation before, I was expecting it this time too as had signed all the paperwork and no mention was made during the pre op discussion. But when he went ahead and jabbed me without warning I had a combination of pain and shock and struggled not to move. Would have been nice to have been prepared for this!

Anyhow, I’m now back on 600mg Lyrica and off work due to the side effects. It does really help with the pain but I spend the day in what I think of now in different zones.

Zone 1 - I’m either fully aware but a bit stumbly/shaky and slightly hyperactive, I tend to have an urge to do things but finish nothing as I’m easily distracted and move onto something else!

Zone 2 - I’m awake but cannot concentrate at all and spend my time staring at things, my partner says it takes him several times to get a response, I can watch a program on TV but only catch part of it as other things such as a plug socket suddenly become more interested

Zone 3 - I’m asleep, completely deep to the world, before I wake I tend to have a period of semi consciousness and experience vivid dreams/hallucinations. I’m not always sure if I’m awake or asleep for a while

I’m waiting to see my specialist to discuss this, have considered coming off the medication again but the pain has become to bad. I did see a gp at my surgery in the interim but as he was newly qualified he admitted this was over his head. May try to see if I can see another but at my surgery it’s pot luck who you see

Bit of a ramble…writing it down somehow makes me feel a little better though!

Jules :slight_smile: