Avoid Stress? Right

I have discovered, although I have only been diagnosed a short time, that stress is one of the big triggers for my pain. With that in mind we have come to New England to spend time with family and friends. My parents even came from Florida to spend a few weeks and just returned home about a week ago. Relaxing, taking it easy, etc.

Unfortunately I got a call from my mom this evening. My younger brother had a massive heart attack last night and is in critical condition at a hospital about two hours away. Obviously we are headed to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, and my parents are flying back up from Florida.

I don't want to sound self centered, because I am truly worried about my brother, even though we aren't very close, but I cannot afford a flare at this time. I have to be the one to hold my parents together during this stress, and if I am in pain that doesn't help.

If anyone has any thought on how I can do this without being stressed, I'd love to hear them. Whether you have suggestions or not, I'd really appreciate your prayers for my brother. His name is Richard.

Thank you.

I have a younger brother (51) who has a heart defect so I worry about him a lot. I just wanted to send you some words of comfort. I want you to know that I will be praying for you and Richard. I hope you have some xanax or something that will help you manage the stress. Keep me informed. With my arms wrapped around you, I am your friend, Julz aka uwfotogal.

Praying for you and your brother. Any relaxing music you have...listen to it and breathe in breathe out slowly...May you find some peace.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. As it turned out, in addition to the heart attack, Richard also suffered a series of strokes. He spent ten days in a medically induced coma and on life support. He woke up and began breathing on his own the day before his birthday. Eventually he was transferred to a rehab facility (he has some serious short term memory issues) but became frustrated there and signed himself out. He is now home, where he spends large amounts of time (sometimes days) alone. I continue to worry and pray but cannot do anything from here in Florida while he is in Massachusetts.
My pain levels were supprisingly low during that period of time. I am now home and back to work and my pain has begun to increase. I am sure that stress is playing a role in all this and plan to call my neuro later this week to see if he has suggestions. The main concern I have (other than pain management) is that I need to be at my best cognitively, since I teach high school.

Thanks for letting me vent, and for all your prayers.