Appt Today

Please pray for me. I go to the neurosurgeon today to discuss surgery. I was just off 6 weeks after having emergency open heart surgery because of an aneurysm. Please pray we can work things out and possibly manage symptoms until summer. I’m a 36 year old teacher that is so scared of being pink slipped.

I'm praying for you!! Please let us know how you are doing and what the doctor said today. Keep the faith!! Sandee

My surgery was scheduled for December 19th. I will have 2 neurosurgeons assisting each other. The first surgeon I saw today had only done 1 surgery on a GPN patient so he called in another surgeon. I'm so nervous but so ready for this to be over.

Hi Kaitmanda - I'm so glad you have surgery scheduled. Please keep in touch with me because I'm next and I would love to hear how you are doing and be a support to you if possible. Have you read the book Striking Back? You really, really should read it before your surgery (if you haven't already). It will give you some very valuable information to help you. Hugs and Prayers to you! Sandee

I feel for all of you. I am considering surgery for myself and would love to get feedback on how it goes. I just got diagnosed ans am seeing a nuerosurgeon named Dr. Dong Kim. He is very knowledgeable about GPN. He has around 40 surgeries for this under his belt. He has over 400 Trigeminal Nueralgia surgeries he has done MVD on. I'm just concerned about the possible side effects.