Anyone out there with weight issues? Want a friend along the way?

Anyone out there with weight issues who would like to buddy up on reclaiming their healthier lighter selves?

I'm embarking on a lose some weight journey and would love it if some of you want to join me..

If you're interested either reply below or message me.



I'm in.I've put on 2 stone since my tuma removal and nerve damage.I find anything dairy slips down well and milk soothes.This has to stop.I can't

Hi Brandybaby thank you - So know where you are at :) seems so much better not having to lose all by myself.. Think we can make this fun - This week I've start looking for any "healthy" and nutritious soft meals and will add them up to the recipe thread. Do you want to have a look too, Once we've got some tasty alternatives for us to start with.. we can kick off. Any thoughts on what else we can do? Figure if we plan a bit, will set us up for success.. Hope you're feeling better.. :)

I would like to make friends on here, and check in with you, however I personally am not on a weight loss journey.