Anyone else?

Well I tried to appl. for SSDI and was told this was not going to happen due to the fact that anyone with TN can still have alot of other jobs they could do. I asked " What kind of job can I get where you don't have to talk to ANY ONE"?, no answer.

I wanted to know if anyone is having the same problmes that I am. It hurts to sleep, so lack of sleep is very hard. hurts to shower, wash my hair, appy make up, wind blowing on my face, cold, eatting, prushing my teeth, drinking, yes and just talking and so on. My medication makes me sick, I have so many side effects.

I mean come on I have had surgery in three different areas of mu elbows, hand surgery, and now surgery in four different place on my foot and all that from falling due to my MEDICATION. Just medication.this last surgery for my foot was in Nov. 2012 and I still can walk without a cane and still wear a boot, this will take just a about a year to heal where I would not have to use the cane.

So is there anyone out there have the same problems? I did have my brain surgery in 2008 pain came back one year later and now all these medication and I still have alot of pain daily.

I say hire a disability attorney and fight this tooth and nail! You may have to do some of the legwork yourself as far as getting info for the attorney because they may not be too familiar with this disease. I noticed you are type 1 AND 2. Print off info about BOTH, list the procedures you have had done and also list each fall from your meds and the surgeries you had due to the falls. I bet you will win eventually and then they will have to pay you back time from the time you applied. Good luck and keep me posted!

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I have had the same problem declined over and over again. Dont know what they want .Imhave history of 8 lower lumbar surgeries, carpal tunnel and transaxillary rib rescection on my dominant side along with MVD in Oct 2011. You need your doctor to tell and explain your disability if needed by the disabity board. Dont get discouraged keep tryin if your doc is on your side youmshoukd not have an issue. It is not uncommon for you to apply and reapply. Hope this helps
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