Anyone Else Using Internet Television As Pain Distraction? (Addiction.)

Hi. My name is Vanessa, and I'm an addict.

I have never been addicted to anything in my life before; now at 52 my pain level is so high my only escape is finding things to watch on the internet to escape my pain.

My limitations for pain killers are tight from doctors, so it keeps me just on the edge of pain relief for my back and body pain. Lived that way for a long time so I wasn't sleeping my life away. Now with TN it's over the top for the past year and days are filled with either a TN attack or migraine.

When I try to do something productive it hurts to distraction and depression. Can't even cry since it hurts to do that.

Dishes to do, laundry to put away, but one more show and I will do it. After a nap maybe. Living on the couch (not even a couch, it's a loveseat so my calves and feet hang off) is my only relief for some reason, my cat now owns the bed.

No one wants to hear about it, friends, family... They have no answers so they don't want to know what hell I am in; and kind of understand, wish I didn't know either.

Now that I'm approaching moving 3 hours away trying to clean out the apartment to move seems easy enough, pack a bit here, goodwill there... But it would mean getting off the couch.

It's all planned out on notes and in my head just right, but I would have to wait until this episode ends, and maybe watch the movie I just found. Then after a nap. Well, it's 3am, so in the morning...

And the next day starts.

I see my neurologist today and as always there is never anything new or something else I can do. Winter in the midwest right now is brutal, 4 below and dreading going out. Maybe I should reschedule and see if there is a series on Netflix I haven't seen yet...

Hi Vanessa, sorry to hear ur in such pain, hang in there! I am also a TV addict! there is something just so great about losing yourself in a new series, its such a great distraction and its nice to be immersed in someone elses life for a while. What kind of series do you like watching? maybe I can recommend some because I follow quite a few. hope your having a pain free day xx

Hi, Tamzee; thanks for sharing the sisterhood of escapism... My favorites are British comedy, intellectual documentary or anything that makes me laugh that doesn't include someone falling down. I could watch Mrs Brown's Boys over and over and always get a good laugh, fortunately I get access to quite a few shows that most people can't find from Britain.

I'm in the film industry (or was, when I could function) so any well written movie can get me out of my head. Funny, action or dramatic I don't mind as long as it doesn't follow the same old plot line.

Another thing I get hooked on is craft videos; can watch them for hours, and have everything in the house to do them, but won't, lol. But it's all stored in my brain now in case there's ever a miracle day with no pain or migraine!

On bad days something that is great to watch is TED talks. Some of them have really inspired me to get up and go sometimes. recently had a really bad day and happened upon an artist talking called 'embrace the shake'. Amazing. Very thought provoking as an artist myself on how to start getting off my butt and working 'with' the pain instead of hating it so much...

I am in Wisconsin (as I said before) where today it is colder than the surface of Mars; where are you?

wow you're in the film industry how interesting. I'm from Los Angeles but I moved to London for graduate school and when my ATN started, I decided to move to Lebanon (the country) to be with my parents. Their support and care has done wonders, plus its so nice not to have to worry about cooking and cleaning! :D

I like a lot of British comedy as well. My favorite is a show called yes minister. It is so incredibly witty, I really think you will enjoy it. I also like a show called allo allo, also very funny and clever. And speaking of British, I love Downton Abbey, its such a great period drama and also worth checking out.

I watch shows like the walking dead, game of thrones, sons of anarchy, the big bang theory, the office, parks and recreation, the vampire diaries, revenge...I could go on and on, and an old favorite is desperate housewives :) I like to try watching pilots and if it just clicks with me im hooked and it gives me hours of distraction and enjoyment. I love a good story line as well and often waiting for a new episode to come out gives me something to look forward to.

My secret indulgence is reality tv! right now my addiction is the real housewives of beverly hills. If you like crafts you might enjoy shows like project runway (which is actually more fashion) or cake boss which is cake decorating, its so much fun to watch and so creative.I can also spend hours on youtube watching cat videos! I love their little furry paws, always makes me smile or laugh.

What exactly are TED talks? they sound great for bad days. As you can tell, good series are sort of my passion lol I can discuss for hours. Hope you are staying warm (and distracted!) in all the cold! take care! xx

Only forevèr and every day all the time.