Any one recommend a doctor in Indiana?

Ive been looking for a site that list recommended doctors in Indiana but cant seem to find one. So thought I would ask. Looking for a doctor who knows about trigeminal neuralgia that I can trust in Indiana.

Where are you in Indiana? I am in Columbus Indiana, 45 minutes south of Indianapolis and I see Dr. Dawn Zapinski in Franklin IN. She is a neurologist and diagnosed and treats me for glossopharlyngeal Neuralgia, the sister of trigeminal neuralgia. She is amazing, you would love her!!! I have been to other neurologist and go back to her. She is worth the drive.

By the way Barb, my name is Amanda, I am 40 and I have had GPN on the right side for 3 years this March. I take topomax 200 1 - 2 times daily depending on weather conditions, I have 2 “daith” piercings, I do massages, acupuncture and hot tub therapy as well as electronic temple massage masks.

Hi, I am in Southern Indiana and see a Neurologist here in town. He understands TN but, is not a very good listener really. I do feel he understands pain but, I feel that he has a prescribed route no matter what happens, so , good luck to you. I hope you find someone and if you do, please let us know.

Thank you for the info. Will look her up and see what I can find out about
her. Will let you know what I finally decide what to do. Good luck to you
as well.

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Where in Indiana? In Indianapolis is a great TN Dr Aaron Cohen-Neurosurgeon top top notch

Dr Aaron Cohen-Gadol sorry autocorrect cut his name off

Also Dr Konstatin Slaven in Chicago will take Indiana insurance he is an world renowned Neurosurgeon and is mine!

Dr. Troy Paynor, neurosurgeon performed my MVD nearly 17 years ago.
Outcome was not good, now have numbness left side of face all three
branches. My left cornea is completely numb so have frequent cornea
abrasions with severe dry eye. In worst pain now than before surgery.
Have been able to control pain with lots of meds but am a zombie. My
neurologist suggested a Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block injection and
referred me to a pain specialist. My experience with pain specialist are
they want you to do what they suggest obeidiently. They tend to be over
confident and sometimes one treatment treats all. i went through a 6 week
program. At the end of the program I was given a certificate of
completion. Like look you’re cured. Well I didn’t feel any different
pain wise and that started my attitude problem with pain specialist. So I
have little faith when they tell me I should have this or that. I have a
damaged trigeminal nerve. I don’t want to have anything done that could
increase the damage. I would love to get off the gabapentin, tramadol and
antidepressants but I just don’t have faith in the doctors to provide a
treatment. In my case when I talked to the neurosurgeon that did my MVD
all he said was the nerves will heal in time. No need to see me anymore.
Little did he know or care that my entire life changed and all he could say
was, dont come back. So I’ve decided no to injections. The decisions are
on me because I have lost faith in doctors.

Just saw my neurologist today and he spoke specifically of referring me to the group Dr. Cohen is in. It looks like it is a rather large group. I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet, but it’s at least comforting to know he has so much experience and is obviously dedicated to what he does.

Well hopefully you would see Dr Cohen only he is specialist and well worth the visit I assure you. Best of luck.