An Unspoken Conversation between a TN patient and her daughter

Sascha Gallardo April 28, 2021


Your sudden struggle with trigeminal neuralgia was a turning point in my life. When we finally knew what it was, I realized there are so many things I still haven’t done yet for you.

We could’ve visited all the amazing places we see in travel magazines. I know many of those trips would cost a fortune but it wouldn’t matter.

I’m sure you would be so excited preparing for those trips. We would plan every minute detail–the restaurants that we would try, the hotels that we would book, the souvenirs that we would buy.

I wish I was able to do all these things and more years ago, before you had to deal with this immense pain day after day.

I feel sorry for not being able to do so.


Thank you for keeping the house clean, for tidying up the kitchen, and doing the laundry. I know there are tons of things you have to do but you take care of these things so I won’t have to.

Thank you for being there in every doctor’s appointment. We’ve been to so many already but you don’t seem to get tired.

Thank you for ensuring I don’t run out of my meds. I never even ask you to do it, you just do.

Thank you for making my room so comfortable. It helps when I’m having an attack.

Thank you for believing that my pain is real and for doing what you can to make me feel better.


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Thank you for sharing this exchange between mother and daughter. Sometimes just having someone believe you can make all the difference. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: