Amitripyline and Shocking pains

Has anyone had a success with taking amitripyline for the shocking/stabbing pains of neuralgia. I have had two MVDs and since the last one pains have started coming back. I am on 600mg of Pregabalin (Lyrica) and my GP suggested amitripyline from 10 - 50mg. I am on 10mg now but still pains are there. I cannot take anymore Pregabalin as at top of allowance. Didn't really want to take anymore meds than I need to!

Hi, just to say that I tried amitriptyline and it made me feel suicidal, eventually I i was put on nortriptyline, started on 10mg and have now increased to 25 mg (i take it at night) and I think it is helping. I have reduced my pregablin to 400mg from 600mg.
Hope this helps, much love x

Thank you, Butterfly. I have taken nortriptyline in the past which is why my GP suggested amitripyline. Will try not to increase this dose as I worry about side effects.

Are you not seeing a neurologist? I cannot advise about meds, but I'm on a combo of carbamazepine and Lyrica and my pain is currently under control. My ENT suggested amitriptyline, but I never took it. Lyrica has side effects that are troublesome and right now I have to worry about taking meds 3 times a day in different combos, so it's easy to lose track or miss a dose which can be disastrous. My (new) neurologist at Johns-Hopkins prescribed different meds that would lose the Lyrica side effects, but I haven't tried them yet.

TN5+years. Yes I have a Neurosurgeon. He has done more procedures since I wrote the original post but with no luck. Not sure meds are doing anything now. Will have to see him again I think!

Question 2 MVDs? do you have it on both sides? I had MVD on my right side in 2010 it did not do anything but make it worse.

gummybear. No, I have left side pain. Since this original post I have had gamma knife treatment also - 2014. Unfortunately it made symptoms worse and gave me symptoms of GPN also. But the last couple of months I have been feeling better than I have for a long time. Hope it lasts like this!