Amitriptyline,more pain, help!

I Started taking amitriptyline 25 mg about 5-7 days ago i believe at bedtime. With the pain meds and this new medication my memory is not very good at all. I feel like when i first started taking it, the next morning i felt immediate relief. Now it being a week later,im going into more attacks and having more pain than usual. I put a call in to my doctor to see whats going on. I heard that this medication was specially made for people with Neuralgia so if you don't respond to the medication its not what you have...has anyone else heard that? I was so happy the past few days and now im so depressed because im getting minimal relief. Does anyone on this drug know any information that could help me. After taking gabapentin, i am very scared and nervous being on other meds because of my memory loss, and being a zombie. This medication worked so good when i first started but im afraid to ask to just keep going up, like what happened with the gabapentin and it made me so out of it my family had to have an intervention to get me off because i diddnt see how awful it affected me. All i know is vicoprofin 4x a day isn't cutting it and i have 8 dental appointments for bridge work, caps, and a root canal to be done...i was wondering if maybe i could tolerate and not blackout from pain at the dentist if im on the right dose of this med. Also is this something you can take if your in an attack. I need some advice and support please before i talk with my doctor!Thank you!

i talked to my doctor and was told her i had reliefe after i took it within an hour and she was not surprised and said other patients have responded that way to this med to esp when mixed with other medications ( like i am on) and now im up to 50mg 2x a day one at night and one during afternoon if i have pain and i feel so much better so i guess everyone's different.