Amitriptyline and relief! happy!

I started taking amitriptyline 25mg at bedtime 3 days ago. I was told to take it at bedtime because it can make you sleepy but i diddnt feel that affect. I did notice that the shocks were less and i could actually brush my teeth without crying! When the shocks or throbs come it seems to last for a second and its taken away and i have alot less through the day and am on less pain meds now. I am very happy that i responded to this medication and so far so side effects. I take it with vicoprofin that i take 4x a day. When i tried it without the pain meds it i had a more painful day. I also noticed that some days are better than others, but im thankful i have some relief. Does anyone else take this med? Are there higher doses to take? Also does this med take time to work like other anti depressents meaning up to a month? Love feedback please!

Thanks, actually smiled today :), Jenna

I am glad you are feeling better!!! :slight_smile: Donna

That’s wonderful Jenna ! : )


thank you all so much :) im so happy and finally have hope! i dont know what i would do without this website! <333