Am I a stubborn optimist or a blasted fool?

I do not know if I am a stubborn optimist or a blasted fool. I refuse to believe my recent surgery failed, as parts of my face, that hurt like no tomorrow, are doing well. Thing is I am once again getting the stabbing pains to the middle of my cheek. Here is where the situation gets strange. My sinuses hurt and my nose is so runny, it drips. This actually for me, is how my migraines manifest. So, is the pain to my cheek a straight TN problem? Is it a TN problem triggered by a migraine? Could I just have a horrible winter head cold? I do not know. What I do know is I am tackling this from a number of fronts. I have called and left a message for my neurosurgeon's nurse. I also have a appointment with my primary care provider on Wednesday. While both doctors are at different medical institutions, both use the same computer charting system, and they can easily access each other's chart notes. Works great for me as a patient, as I do not have to run around getting medical records. It is also great in that both doctors know what the other is saying. I want to get as much input as possible, so I can make a informed decision. If it is a migraine problem, I am not sure if a Ear, nose, and throat doctor can do anything, but if it involves my sinuses, I can not help, but wonder. Not that I want another doctor, or another pill. What I want is answers. My health insurance mandates, that my primary care doctor, who is a internal medicine doctor, be the gatekeeper of my medical care. As I have a awesome PCP, I have no problem with this. She went to medical school, and did her residency at Oregon Health and Science University, and is very knowledgeable about TN. I may ask for a ENT consult, so they can make their recommendations, and have my PCP do the follow up.

So, no I do not think my recent surgery failed, but I am dealing with a different problem, causing the same TN pain. I am not discouraged, but determined to get to the bottom of the problem. If all else fails, I am going to request that my neurosurgeon do a head transplant. ;)

Life is good,