2nd mvd not worked help neaded

Hi all had my 2nd mvd in Jan 2011 that was 9 months after my 1st .

the 1st time i had a vessel looped around the gloss nerves , seconed time was to exsplore if the teflon had moved , it hadnt ??

i had my left vocal cord injected with something ?? in march 2011 to help with my vocal cord palsy which i had after my first mvd . This has helped with my swollowing and strenghened my voice a little to .

I am now being sent to be seen by another neuroligist who deals i think in damaged nerves and hopefully can help with paincontrol why they go back to the drawing board .

has anybody else had any good pain control after surgery has failed ? iv tried all medications i need something permanent , asked about electrodes ??? seems they had a sort of trial here (uk) with 10 patients and ll failed . getting desperate having a realy bad attack at the moment always have earache pain constant but get get attacks of excruciating pain can bring me to my knees and you just wonder how much longer you can go on like this .