Worth a read ;)


A very good article granadam. I think we do all go through a grieving process with any chronic pain condition.

Great article :) I found working out my new normal was the turning point for me, and that's when you really start moving forward. I've never been a great one for "goals" etc. but I think at least having a picture in your own mind of where you are where you want to be is a good start. Thanks for posting this :)

Hello Amanda. Been trying to message you with no success. I have been offered an mvd by mr Wadley. So wanting to talk to you about this. Looks from your posts your mvd with him was not successful. Please tell me if this was so or not. Like you I have a very young child to care for but am much older than you. Our child is adopted and has special needs. I face quite lot of op. risks. Have uncontrolled high blood pressure etc.

So I am trying to Find out as much info as I can.I am aware Mr Wadley has only done 5 MVDs for GN two of which have had complications, could not swallow, could not speak, according to a letter he wrote to my GP. I was so hoping your mvd was successful, but statistically the odds seem against us. It appears from your Nov post it was not. Please could you let me know if it was or not. By SUCCESSFUL I mean has it stopped all your GN pains without being on medication ,or are you are still on TEGRETOL or not etc. I would so much appreciate your thoughts on this. Please tell me as it is, not what I might want to hear or is " politically correct " I am sure you will do this as you sound so lovely from your posts. Has your GN pains reoccurred etc? I would be so grateful for your thoughts on this.i have sent you a friends request. I seem to be on this site under 2 names . Useridsandy and sandy! Only found out whilst looking for your name today to try to message you. I am useless at using the computer! Particularly on this web site ! Regards and love to You. Take care of yourself. Sandy

Hello Amanda been trying to contact you with no success. Not good with computers! Please see the message I have written to you today in Jan 2016 . Unfortunately that message has for some reason come put below so is out date order and not on top for you to find more clearly.I have also sent you a friends request which I so hope you will accept. In essence I really need to " talk" to you as I too have been offered an mvd for my GN by mr Wadley at The Royal London. So I would love to know whether your mvd was successful or not given statistically it would appear against us.I say this as I am aware of a letter written to my GP (copy to me) saying Mr Wadley has only carried out 5 MVDs for GN and complications arose in 2 Of them ( not able swallow,unable to speak) . Plus have never heard of success in the Uk only other countries. So I would so wish to gain more info. Particularly from you as you are the only person in the Uk I know of who has had an mvd for GN. I would so like to know if your op was completely successful in terms of you suffering no more GN pains and also being able to come off takimg all TEGRETOL meds or other GN meds. It does not look from your posts before Christmas this has been the case. I am aware I may be completely wrong. I am so much older than you,I also have high blood pressure etc. So the op has quite lot risks for me. I also have a young daughter to think of etc. I woukd be so grateful to receive a reply from you. Am so hoping you pick up this message. In addition if anyone else has any info and advice for me I will be delighted to receive it. I am very grateful Mr Wadley has offered me this op but as much info and advice I can get will be so helpful to me. Regards, Sandy

Hi sandy I just got these now. Can you private message me your email address and I’ll reply that way rather than in public forum? Xx

Sandy I sent you an email on Jan 14th - did you get it???? Amanda x