Withdrawals from Medications

I have been on some form of narcotics since about 8 months after my first pain. I was given vicodin for breakthrough pain, which eventually became percocet and was soon prescribed oxycotin and eventually methadone to take on a daily basis. I never felt like the narcotics benefitted me and finally my neurosurgeon told me that he thought I could go off of the methadone after my last surgery. He told me that narcotics have shown no benefit to people with TN and that he thought they were probably doing more harm than good to my overall well-being. I am now going off all of my narcotics slowly but I am still experiencing some pretty hard-core withdrawals and was wondering if anyone had experienced iwthdrawals before and if they found anything that helped control any of the symptoms from the withdrawals? I am also experiencing an increase in the number of shooting pains I am having throughout the day, which my neurosurgeon said would happen because my brain and nerve is getting used to going off of the narcotics, I don't know if I am having more pain from going off of the narcotics or because of the cold and wind during winter but I was wondering if anyone experienced an increase in pain with the decrease of their narcotics. I am confused because the narcotics never helped the pain but now that I am going off of them, it seems I have more pain so now I am wondering if they did in fact help a little but it so hard to tell because so many things can trigger the pain its hard to tell what, in fact, is helping or hindering the pain.

Dear Michaela,

I wish I had some good ideas here, unfortunately I don't. If you have been taking different narcotics over a period of time, unfortunately you will experience some withdrawl effects they're horrible like that and maybe you could speak with you gp about how to help with that?

As for break through pain now, that could be entirely coincidental, as yes the narcotic medicines are not effective enough to control the zaps and stabs, so you may be right in thinking it is the weather at present as the cold and wind always makes my pain worse every time. I spent most of last winter indoors. I avoid direct air conditioning even in summer and even summer wind will trigger my pain.

Narcotics / Opiods only really serve to make you care a little less that you are in pain and they do also reduce your quality of life as they tend to make you want to do less and maybe sleep more.

I do suggest maybe you go and speak with your general practictioner about what you're trying to do regarding reducing and going off all your narcotics and get his advice and possibly help from him / her also.

Determining why you would have more pain now, is ultimately just going to become a guessing game from us I'm afraid.

Sorry I don't have anything more productive to add Michaela!

Best wishes for you to have a pain free day!