Where do I belong?

I have been fighting an undiagnosed neuro pain for three years. Recently I have been given the diagnosis of “atypical” Genetric Neuralgia.
I have tried so many drugs over the three years that I cannot recall them all. Right now I am on Carbamazepine (1600mg) and Butrans patch 20mcg/h and tramadol / ultram.
Plus Cipralex for the anxiety that comes with our pain.
I have found this site and living with tn.

I have deep deep ear pain. Pain that no matter how hard I push, or where I press, I cannot reach it. I also have a tingle that travels from the top of my ear to the center of my skull. It has been awful for me and my family.

I am so glad to have a diagnosis. At least I have a surgical option.
Im not sure if I will go through with it, but I have an option.

Hope everyone is well.

I just want to say Hi!

So glad you found this support group, Smash! It has been a blessing to me to have people who understand and share. I don't know about you, but I had a lot of negative side effects with rxs and didn't want to try the same prescription twice. To avoid that (I saw about nine different specialist throughout the seven years) I had my pharmacy run me printouts of the prescriptions I had taken since diagnosis. The pharmacy can only go back so far, so then I called the doctors offices to fill in the earlier gaps. It came in handy to know the dosage and see the ups and downs in relation to the time of the year. I was looking for a patterns suspecting it was seasonal and allergy related. Ended up inconclusive, but at least it was something to hold on to at the time. I kept all of this, plus anecdotals in a journal. It still comes in handy!
As far as the surgery goes, you know it is not a decision to make likely. I think I made my decision in desperation. There were times when I researched it and said "no way, never." I still can't believe I did it. Once I made the decision, I was on the table within two weeks. Best case scenario, no time for second guessing. I was in the middle of an episode. That helped, too. The risks are intense. I consider myself lucky that all I have lost is my voice. It is coming back, but ever so slowly. I can't do my job. At the moment, I don't mind, not emotionally ready for the demands of working. However, I bury the worry that this is as good as my voice is going to get. The pain is gone, but there are new complications. So it is a tradeoff. But, the pain is gone! People are sympathetic and accommodating now, because they can HEAR the condition. Yet, I actually feel better than I have in seven years.
So I welcome you to the support group. May you find comfort, options, and compassion here, as I do!

Thanks for the welcome!
I cannot take 6-8 weeks off work right now. My family needs my income right now.
Maybe in a year or so I can, but for now it is just a carrot out in front of me.
I have a supportive family (which helps because collegues do not understand).

It is always nice to talk to people who know what I am going through.

Hope you have a good day. Im having a 7/10 day and HAVE to work.
It is brutal.