Where do I belong?

I have been fighting an undiagnosed neuro pain for three years. Recently I have been given the diagnosis of “atypical” Genetric Neuralgia.
I have tried so many drugs over the three years that I cannot recall them all. Right now I am on Carbamazepine (1600mg) and Butrans patch 20mcg/h and tramadol / ultram.
Plus Cipralex for the anxiety that comes with our pain.
I have found this site and living with tn.

I have deep deep ear pain. Pain that no matter how hard I push, or where I press, I cannot reach it. I also have a tingle that travels from the top of my ear to the center of my skull. It has been awful for me and my family.

I am so glad to have a diagnosis. At least I have a surgical option.
Im not sure if I will go through with it, but I have an option.

Hope everyone is well.

I just want to say Hi!

Smashagnome, did you go ahead with surgery? How are you feeling now?