When hope and reality clash

What does one do when hope and reality clash? When one is hoping for a answer to what is causing the pain, but instead gets the run around trying to find a proper diagnoses? I just talked to a neighbor, who has TN. It took his doctors 3 months to properly diagnose him with TN1. When I was diagnosed with TN 18 years ago, I was fortunate to be getting my care at the Internal Medicine Resident clinic, at a teaching hospital that is a leading TN hospital. Got diagnosed in one visit.

What does one do when the hope of relief from MVD surgery does not happen? Thankfully, my neurosurgeon told me he would not consider my surgery a failure unless I did not get good pain relief within one year. Still, the 8 month wait for any pain relief was hard. Then 3 years later, the pain started to shift to the V2 and V1 branch. A RfR procedure treated the pain to the V2 branch, but again I did not get instant relief. I have to say this is the one procedure I have come close to regretting having done. I knew I was going to be wakened during the procedure, but I was really caught off guard how horrible the pain was when I was waken. It was just for a split second, but I still wish I was better mentally prepared for it!. Again, no instant pain relief. Still, with time, it did take care of the TN pain in the 2nd nerve division.

23 days ago I had a repeat MVD and a first time Internal Neurolyis to treat the pain to the V1 division. Due, to the fact it was bone compressing the nerve, my neurosurgeon did not think he would find anything the 2nd time, and he didn't. He then did the Internal Neurolysis, to break up any adhesions and scaring within the nerve fibers. Had I not had the same neurosurgeon for all my surgeries and knew well his conservative approach to surgery, I would have not allowed him to go ahead with the Internal Neurolyis, as it was one surgery, that if done heavy handed had the biggest risk of causing the most harm. Having never had instant pain relief, I did not expect it this time. Thing is this is the one time I got instant pain relief. I find it interesting that the one time, I did not expect it, it happened. The very slight numbness to the roof of my mouth is a very exceptable tradeoff.