What's with

1) Not being able to say what I am thinking anymore? Words are sometimes getting mixed up.

2) Ringing in my ears?

3) Me not being able to hear what my daughter is saying anymore--she's 7, and I can hear her, but I can't understand what's she's saying sometimes.

Are these normal?!? I know that's a relative statement, HA! And I would search on here for those, but I don't know what to look under.


I think you need to check with your doctor. They may need to change your meds.

I'm assuming you're on neurontin or tegretol?

I take 3-600mg of neurontin a day. I can't remember words I want to say. It is a side effect of neurontin. If I cut back I am in terrible pain with Atypical Neuralgia. Check with your Dr. wishing you better days.

This happened to me first on Neurontin, then Topamax, (my family called it "Dope-amax,") and now I am starting to have issues from Lyrica.

Obviously, for me, these drugs cannot be a long-term solution. (they don't really work that well, anyway.)