Hello newbie here:)

I’ve been diagnosed with TN for about 6 months just after my 20th birthday and it just seems to get worse. I’m on my 4th try of medications and the doctor is loosing hope on how they can help me and they won’t consider surgery yet. It’s difficult and I’m trying everything I can at home to help. Does anyone have any sort of at home things they do that helps it stop when medication isn’t working. Like not even hydrocodone will help sometimes.

Hi, Taylor, i just wanted to suggest moving this over to the discussions tab. There is a lot more traffic and you'll get some good responses to your post. Just copy and paste. I hope you are getting some relief and have a good day.


I think since you've had it for not too long, I'd suggest getting your doctor to put you on neurontin. It was a lifesaver for many years for me. I've had this for 26 years so I've exhausted most meds. But you have a lot they can do, topamax worked well, and lyrica worked well. See if he will try those. I don't really know any home remedies that ever helped and I've tried alot including different vitamins, COQ10 and Magnesium. Still didn't work. Good luck to you!