What do you like to do to occupy your time with?

For those of you who aren't able to work any more. What do you like to do to fill your time? If you do crafts, what kind of a craft do you do?

I'm hoping all of us can share our ideas to help others (including myself) come up with new things that we can do to fill our time.

Thank you,

Volunteer at the elementary school , walk , light gardening and reading , flower arranging , encourage others who aren't doing as well , keep in touch with friends via phone and email...so important not to withdraw because it is easy to do so. Of course all these above activities are dependent on how I feel but I think the key is to pick and choose your priority activity / goal for the day ie meeting a friend for coffee may mean taking it easy earlier in the day so your head doesn't ramp up by the time it is to meet with your friend. That helps me in planning my day and has allowed me to attend more festive social events, even if I don't feel great, I can at least rest for the day, go and feel like I have done something normal like I used to be able to do, even if I can only stay for an hour or two. It helps to have a supportive spouse who reminds me to take 20 on the couch midday :-)