Weird Pain

I've been getting a weird pain... well for me it's weird. I have Always had a bit of a sensitive skull. On the right side I have A LOT of sensitivity to Pain. Lately; last week I started getting pain merely touching my temple hurt so much and now any part of my skull on my right side is to sensitive , I can barely wash my hair on that side. The last few days I have been feeling very sleepy and VERY dizzy. The only things that have changed in my life the last week were a flu shot and I stopped drinking coffee. I take 4-300mg of Gabapentin a day and 4 300 mg of dilantin a day.( I think that's correct) Fuzzy thinking ya know? The dilantin was really helping and it still does I guess. It's just that if I eat or touch my head or talk to much it hurts. I have pain in the lower half of my face on the right side the 3rd branch of the trigeminal nerves.

Still get those stabs and burning when I get my pain. I just don't know why I feel so dizzy, when I didn't really feel like this before. Weird.

I would call and make an appointment with your doctor Ms. Minny…just to be sure .
(( hugs )) Mimi