Waste of time & money

My neurologist thought it was a good idea to keep my appointment with a local Pain Mgmt doc since it may be a while before getting into Johns Hopkins. So, I had an appointment on Tues. For the 1st time in a week (thought I may be in remission, yay!) I had some pain.

What a waste of time & money! Although I had asked if he had experience in treating TN when I made the appointment, he said all he can do is prescribe pain meds. WHAT?! Then he referred me to another doc about 1& half hours away that may be able to help me more.

Since then I have had breakthrough pain almost every day. It's not so sharp since I am taking Tegretol. But, I won't even drive on this med. It makes me so weak that I won't take it more frequently than the 16 hr intervals I am now. Having MS & in a wheelchair, being even more weak has made my life a living hell.

Guess I'm just venting ,thx!

Vent on! We are here to read and acknowlege your frustration and pain.