Pain Management

I have still been in unbearable pain at times. Neurologist increased my tegretol to 1200mg and lyrica to 150mg, plus added 20mg prednisone. That hasn’t helped, and am even taking 10/660 vicodin for the pain every 6 hours. She has decided she can do nothing else for my pain and is sending me to a pain management clinic. She referred me to a neurosurgeon and he stated I could have a MVD. I feel I should still try meds. I did go to a dentist yesterday, cause I thought I may have cracked a tooth in Nov. He says it’s not my teeth. Nice to get 2nd opinion of that. Suggested I go to TMJ specialist. Did that a year ago. Hoping pain mgmt will have some suggestions so I can at least eat. Soup, custard, maybe noodles is getting old.

The neurologist had prescribed the vicodin. That’s why she want to sent me to pain mgmt. because she’s not wanting to prescribe any more vicodin. I do type up a blog, for myself, to give the dr’s. They say it helps. They put it in my file. Keeps me from talking too much, especially when I’m in pain! I will continue to post on here, as I feel the members are very thoughtful and answer right away or have positive thoughts. Thanks to you all.

Hi Debi,

I am so sorry that you also have been in such pain. I totally know how you feel :(. I noticed your Neuro has added in Prednisone - I’ve never heard of steroids being prescribed for TN before, so forgive me for asking - did your Neuro say why she is trying Prednisone?? I am just curious. Is it for TN or something else - I don’t mean to pry…

I attend a pain clinic also, and to be honest - it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! For one, they are really helping me! The staff are all wonderful, and my doctor at the clinic is also an anesthesiologist who has some fantastic skills with nerve blocks that have really pulled me out of some bad attacks at times. His second best feature is that he actually keeps up communication with my other doctors! He is the only specialist I’ve ever had that keeps in touch with my GP and my Neurologist! Added bonus, he thinks he’s a comedian :slight_smile: lol.

As for the MVD, I take it you are reluctant to look into that any further just yet? I understand that, but at least you now know, that MVD will be an option for you down the track if you want to go that path!

I think we did a discussion on here a while ago about different food options for us - we should start another one as that one was a while ago i think…

For me, I’ve minced up steaks with cooked vegetables and mashed potato in the food processor to get some more substance into meals at times. At least that way, I can eat my meat and 3 veg without having to chew my food :slight_smile: it helps, I just have small mouthfuls and just swallow it basically.

Take care Debi and write me if you ever want to chat when you’re feeling bad!

Best wishes to you for a pain free day!

Kerry xx

No Sarah, 1 pill dosage 10/660 vicodin at 8am and 1 pill 10/660 at 3pm and usually only those two pain pills a day. If I still feel bad at 8pm I’ll take a weeker vicodin (5/500). The second number after the is acetominophin (they don’t want you taking too much of that). I didn’t take the one pain pill last night, so I really hurt when I got up this morning. Hard to even swallow milk to take my pills. Plus I don’t know if the prednisone is helping or not. It did to start with, first week, and I thought GREAT! Then I was to start taking less, to go off it, and BAM the pains came back. Thanks for the info. Have a great day!