Viva la smartphone!

Greetings to the Disordered.

So, I'm talking to someone I had just met and find out she is a young pediatrician. Well, whenever I run into a Medical Person, it goes like this. (" Excuse me but I know that whenever you mention you are a physician, a barrage of medical questions and lists of ailments follow. I know it drives you crazy BUT I'd like to know how many kids do you treat that have Trigeminal Neuralgia. "I'm sorry but I am unfamiliar with that", she tells me. "ok", I say calmly,while inside I'm jumping with joy because I love the opportunity to teach physicians. The good doctor tells me she works mostly in research. (even better). I tell her a lot about our dastardly friend TN. She is very excited to hear about it. I let her know the cost of my lecture is for her to inform everyone she knows about TN. She is really into the conversation and while we are talking, she takes out her smartphone.and starts researching TN In no time, she is telling me about research being done at the University of Florida and other info she finds."This is great," I'm thinking. The conversation ends; she expresses her sincere gratitude for our talk and says she will take a look at our site.

Then, it dawns on me what a useful tool the smartphone is to inform others about our situation.I use my phone to check in our site. But it is a drag to try to makes comments on the phone. There are so many ways the smartphone can be used to inform others of the many aspects of our evil invader. That's it. It made my day. (and her's too)

An app for this site would be great! even one that helps people get informed!