Twitter Chat

Hope everybody is well.

Would any of you be interesting in being a part of a twitter chat? It could be a fun way to learn about other communities on BF, share your experiences with a rare disease, tell your story and gain exposure for BF and all of our amazing communities.

Here are the questions we are thinking about using for the first chat:

1) How did you find BF?
2) How has Ben's Friends and social media improved your life?
3) What rare disease do you have?
4) how long did it take for u get the proper diagnosis?
5) How has your rare disease impacted your life?
6) What could be done better raise awareness for folks w/rare diseases?
7) What advice would you give folks recently diagnosed w/a rare disease?

8) What advice would you give to friends and family members that have a relative or know somebody with a rare disease?

We would use the site for the chat.