Trying to keep positive

Although I have had a really rough day im trying to stay positive. How do people keep focused and positive?

Hi Dicky,
I think it is safe to say we all have a hard time keeping our sprits up at one point or another, maybe it’s just a hour, a day or two, a few weeks a month or more. I struggle with being happy go lucky at points myself. I try to think of small things I have planned (right now I’m happily counting down till I can see some close family that are out of state). Other times I try to do an activity that makes me happy. Lastly it is the small things that I can have like chocolate and I make it a point to have my favorite. Also I try to be thankful for what I have and have done can help. Once in awhile I do just need a day to be a big baby cry and down, these are very few. I think this fine every once in a great while. Also everyday I vent and unload my frustrations to somebody close to me that knows me and understands. Right now I’m trying to find the humor in all of this illness. Like right now I wrap my face like I’m I dream of Genie Barbie doll everytime I step outdoors. I hope this helps you a little bit. Hopefully somebody else will come along and answer a bit better than I did. Hope your having a better day and it is pain free.

Almost impossible to be both all the time - or even most the time on bad days -- when you get a good hour/day grab it and run!

Coming here to vent helped me alot!!!

If you ever feel the need to seek a therapist or meds for depression - do so before it gets worse.

Come here and express yourself without prejudice, keep occupied as much as possible. Without wanting to patronize you, I know pain or mental angst are magnified when you brain is not active elsewhere. if the pain permits of course!

I make “gratitude lists” of all the things that I’m thankful for quite often. This helps me to remember that there is more to my existance than a momentary feeling of dispair. I take it easy on my office at least a couple times a week (by not doing anything besides sitting still and reading or something else that I throughly enjoy). I also get plenty of sleep/rest by going to bed at an hour that allows for 8 hrs of sleep total. I’m a bit of a “busy body” so allowing myself rest is actually a great accomplishment. I have found that I am ALOT less stressed when I allow myself rest. Meditation & prayer are very helpful. Coming to this site to vent or to just socialize with folks that “get it” has been a great help, too. Some days are easier than others, though. I let myself cry and admit that I feel defeated on some days…and I think that that’s healthy, too. (ALL of our feelings are valid and should not be completely avoided, if you ask me…which you did…sorta) Best wishes to you in your struggle. hugs

**take it easy on my self ^^^^^^ (not sure why in the world I put “take it easy on my office” up there…I’m sure it has something to do with my meds…lol - “bless my heart”)

((( dicky ))),
Honestly, the longer we suffer the harder it is to stay positive.
Living with TN is difficult at the best of times, the meds and side effects,the unpredictability, the impact on all aspects of our lives.
When we suffer excruciating pain it wears us down, hard to be positive.
I find I have to give myself permission to be down, cry, scream, be angry, frustrated etc
To stay positive after I allow myself a mini breakdown…

~I listen to music ( if I’m able I sing!)
~I connect with friends or family ( by phone, email etc)
~eat chocolate ; )
~I journal ( I also have a separate gratitude journal)
~read a good book ( escape my world for awhile)
The most important thing I do to remain positive … I remind myself that this is NOT going to be like this forever! Tomorrow will be better! I make lists of goals and write positive affirmations.

Hope this reply finds you feeling better, (( hugs )) Mimi

hey! so my advice is find little positives each day. No one can be positive all the time with searing, stabbing pain

Another lil thing is to find objects big or small that make you have happy thoughts (for example my NATs hat from the recent playoff game or a lil Bhudda guy I got on a biz trip) and place them around the spaces you hang out (sure it drives the people you live with nuts, but hey lets be honest here you have to do what you have to do). Then when you feel like absolutely horrible crap, pick one up.

Anything to keep tripping up your brain and direct it towards positive land. Literally its like effing with yourself but it works