Trouble with the Send Button (or Other Buttons)

Apologies, this is a re-ocurring problem. I’ve found that if I scroll down on the page farther, creating 2 inches between the “Send” button and the bottom of the browser window, then it works. When the Send button is took close to the bottom of the page, it doesn’t work but also doesn’t give you an error message, which is furstrating.

If that doesn’t work, sometimes a new browser, like Google Chrome works better, especially than Internet Explorer.

I always use Firefox when visiting this site and it works much better than IE.

Hello, Ben.

The trouble I've been having is with selecting friends to send or forward a message to. I select the correct friends, but when I send the message, it will go to other friends, perhaps a few spaces up from the ones I've selected on my list.

I think the remedy for this is to wait a few moments until the page has fully loaded, perhaps? I am going to try this. When one has a lot of friends, my theory is that, if one selects friends too soon, before the list of friends has fully finished loading, that the list will move your selection a few spaces above (or below), and therefore selecting someone on your list other than the intended recipient.

I post this only to make others aware of this problem, and what may be the cause. We'll see . . . .

Just a problem I've personally been having, and a thought on what may be happening here.

Best regards,


Yikes, Stef. That could make for some awkward messages!