Trouble replying to posts

lately, when I write/send a reply it comes up blank.

I previously didn't have a problem.

i'm baffled.

I write content in box and hit reply button lower left.

sometimes it pauses and gives me 15 min to edit. other times it looks like it's been sent.

my user name comes up but there's no content.

any ideas what i'm doing wrong?



I would be happy to help but I don't know :(

Though you managed to upload your text now... Or it is a different thing?


I see... There is again nothing :(

I'm so sorry bluesea

Can you try to change your browser maybe?


thanks ann,

trying with different browser

Phew! Great, it does work!

I'm relieved :)


bluesea I have had this problem before, not with this site though.

Some browsers are "blind" and don't "see" the text you're typing. Weird!