Topirimate: Has it made anyone's pain WORSE?

Has anyone on Topirimate had any strange side effects where it has made your pain WORSE? I forgot to take it one night, and the next day I managed to go 24 hours without needing any of my heavy duty pain killers (Percocet, Toradol, etc.) Took my regular dose of Topirimate the next night and then was in excruciating pain a few hours later. Thoughts?

No, but Tegretol gave me throat pain, and also Trileptal. It helped me with ear pain. But gave me throat pain. So it doesn't suprise me to hear you say this about Topiramate. As I've had problems with anti seizure meds.
Thing is, I take Topiramate. The only thing is, If I take 100mg. it will give me a headache. Like pain behind my eyes.... So I only take 50mg per day in the morning. I take it as a migraine preventative.

I took 2 of the oxcarbamezepine (spelling) . I felt more awful than a normal 'bad' day. I dont take it anymore.

Following your post. Topamax is on my list of possible meds. I get many migraine symptoms with my ATN and have read that it can be effective.

My Neuro prescribed this for me yesterday, just 25mg at bedtime to start .
( to add to my Tegretol CR 1400mg and Dilantin 240mg) haven’t gotten the rx filled yet…( tonight)
My shocks have been increasing (again) and have become more intense (again) and my TN2 is also worsening (again).
I’m still in the beginning phases of Botox, my 2nd treatment is in March.
So we’ll see if this can settle things down just a little. It was one of the few meds I haven’t tried since things progressed for me.

Bri, I would see how you’re doing in a few days, but mention it to your doctor, perhaps it’s just coincidence OR could be that it’s time to reevaluate your meds and dosing…? Hard to say…I’ve never experienced it myself with any of my meds, but I’m sure it can happen… Hope things settle down.
(( hugs )) Mimi

I don’t know about topamax yet. I am starting next week. My doctor wanted me to start two new meds but not at once so we would know if I was having a reaction to one.

I started cymbalta four days ago. By day two my pain was worse and I was having pain in other parts of my body. Yeah, not taking that one anymore!!!

I've used it for eye and ear zaps and it worked really well. I know if I forget to take my meds there's sometimes a lag between a flare up and when I start taking them again which can be a cross over period. Sounds like this may have been what happened with you. Personally I found it brilliant, but unfortunately became allergic to it.