Tooth extraction tomorrow! advice should i do it?

long story cut short, neuro referred me to dental specialist who thinks my problem is tooth grinding,

they xrayed my teeth and found the back molar on my worse TN side has a hole in it and its beyond repair so theyve suggested taking it out because this could be the source of my pain, awesome i said take the bugger out ASAP,

so im booked in for 9am tomorrow to have it extracted,

is this a good idea? the tooth is knackered so i guess it could be causing me the pain, i just want an answer now and will try everything,

advice please the op is tomorrow morning!

im scared :(

my concern is ive heard of people having dental extractions and then it makes the TN worse if its underlying, as of yet i am undiagnosed so the tooth could be my source however i dont see how it would explain the pain on my right side,

however another problem would be the dr saying to me today " well the dull aches are not consistant with TN and TN isnt bilateral" ...... gods sake another "professional" who has no idea about TN

i just feel so frustrated

sorry for the rant guys and girls


If the tooth is damaged and can't be filled, then it probably has to come out eventually anyway. If the pain is on the opposite site, then the tooth is almost certainly NOT the source of your persistent face on the right. But it might be a source of pain on the left.

Regards, Red

All the best love, Red has given great advice. Come back and let is know how you fare!