TN type2, considering MVD

Ok , so now I have type 2 TN and that’s why the constant headache which by the way is still not controlled (I am starting to understand why this is called “The Suicide Disease”). I have an appt. to discuss referral for neurosurgeon, Monday. I have researched but want a real persons account on MVD. What is recovery time and did it help? All I know is, I do not want to be medicated like this for the rest of my life.

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1.Put in search box MVD.

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  2. Your best chances are under doctors tab here…even if you must travel…not any old neurosurgeon referral will do. Realize since this is a support site, nobody here or anywhere
    else is cured forever with MVD.

  3. Quoting …paraphrasing my surgeon dr Casey…longest running still practicing MVDs…

" Having MVD is not brain surgery…it is cranial surgery…the risk of side effects and dangerousness is a 1… Compared to brain tumor, aneurism, brain bleed etc surgeries which can be a 10 on scale for risk."

Personally, I had no IQ on meds and went to Michigan while in remission to get my life back and it was only stolen from me for one year with TN and meds.

Keep reading and asking!

My recovery physically 3weeks…recovery from depression and PTSD from this …months.

Heres a thread filled with links that chronicle my journey …I have bilateral TN.
My left side was type 2 predominantly and Type 1 too eventually, it became med resistant so after much research had MVD April 9th, 2013.
I am currently pain free. : )
Very personal decision , read as much as you can , consult with a few neuro surgeons, BUT choose one with the most experience!
(( hugs )) mimi

I have bilateral ATN , and had MVD for the right side in January. I have had the chronic burning boring pain on this side for MANY years, but only got the shocking pains a year ago. The left side started up in October 2012. As of now, I do still have pain on the right, but knowing it can take up to a year for the nerve to heal, I am hoping to get more relief. Although not pain free, my pain is less than before surgery. I am traveling to NY today to see my surgeon to discuss scheduling MVD for the left side.
The surgery itself was no where near as bad as I had anticipated. Two days in ICU, and lots of rest for the next few weeks. I agree with KC and Mimi, you need a surgeon who is very experienced in MVD for a good outcome. I traveled from Georgia to NY for my surgeon,and would not let anyone else touch me.
Best of luck with your upcoming appointment, please keep us posted !