TN symptoms

hello to you all. i was just wondering if anyone else gets what seems to be unrelated symptoms to TN but always when you have a attack.

my attacks are getting more frequent and i have learnt that they are related to stress but also loud music or noise and the sun and also mucking around with the kids. but what i find is that i have my normal pattern of sickness and eye pain then swlling and drooping and facial pain. this can then last for up to a week at any time however following this, for the last three attacks i struggle with stomac upsets and craqmps??? also my emotions are totally all over the place. does anyone else have this?

I can relate...however, for me it is simply the stress of being in so much pain and/or fearing more pain to come that upsets my stomach and depresses me. I don't know that the TN actually physically causes those things (it might..who knows)..but i think more, it's the being tense and in fear that does.

Heck even on some pain free days, i'm so stressed and depressed about when it will come back that i upset myself.

And once pain does come, i go into an emotional dive. I get angry outside and depressed inside.

I'm not diminishing your statement in any way, for there might be a physical connection with you, i'm just saying for's stress related.

Wishing us all peace and a pain free day


thankyou for your reply. maybe you are right. i dont know - just a pain - literally!

With TN, I think it affects all types of things in my

bodyI don't have cramps like you mentioned but when my pain gets pretty miserable, like now I get diarrhea. Docs. think I am crazy but I think by now I should know my body pretty well. I have had tn for 22 yrs.yes my stomach gets very upset as the pain gets worse, I also will have dry heaves,which puts pressure on my eye and face, it's just a vicious cycle.I have an app. tomorrow for the pain clinic here. I sure hope they can help me. I am so sick of going to the er when the pain becomes unbearable. They are very good and stop the pain pretty fast I will say but there has to be a better way. Praying for a cure for tn, and that we all find a painfree life.

Oh my goodness ladies isn't it miserable. My friend and I were talking about symptoms which seem unrelated which can in the future lead to a better diagnosis. I have lots of symptoms which I don't know if they are related but suspect that they are in some way. All my problems over the years through my childhood and adulthood have all centred around my right hand side and this is where the TN seems to be worse. Im so sore in my mouth and ears this evening and tired from a frantically busy week. Sending love and prayers xxx

This disease messes with my entire being at times.....This site is a big help. I have found that a lot of little things that I mention to the doctors and they say there is no way....Others have the same things happening. It can't be pure coincidence.I have had digestive problems for a long time which included ulcers years back so I cant say if mine are related to this or not. While I have suffered with this for 20+ years, I am only diagnosed within the last year so I am still learning about all this myself.