Tn returned

Well, my tn returned a few weeks ago, a little over a year since the gamma knife procedure. I read that it will often return...for me it hasn't been all that bad, yet. No 5 to 10 second throbbing get a break from the short lived pain cycles i have been
placing a rubber band(fairly tight) around the base of my right index finger and the base of my right thumb...this does help.
Dr Shedder at the Barrow Neuro in Phoenix advised that I could get a second gamma knife surgery that will overlap the previous target area....this is all too much...God willing I can continue to bear the discomfort I have now, but if things get worse as they did when the seven years worth of tegretol wore off, I will opt for the second procedure. Good Luck, a don't quit fighting and praying!

I had the gamma knife hoping that it would work! Mine did not do as planned but the neurosurgeon did tell me that your nerve can “come back to life” and people usually get it done once every three years. Soo yours may of “came back to life” ?

Best wishes!! I’m sorry to hear that! I know how disappointing it can be!