TN relief

My dad is suffering from TN for more than 10yrs, since he was about 65-67 yrs old. It started after he got teeth removed and started wearing dentures. He can barely talk or eat when he has the attacks and it is unbearable for us to watch him suffer although he is strong in managing the pain.

Initially medicines like Tegratol and Gabantin helped but as the dosage increased, not only was it less effective but his eyes got affected apparently by the medication. His eye muscles became weak and he could not properly focus both eyes at the same time so many a time he had to cover one of his eyes for better vision. Surgery was not an option due to age.

My sister desperately browsed around on the internet and fortunately came upon ultrasound therapy by Nanovibronix called Painshield. It has helped Tremondously. Though it is not a permanent cure and an expensive treatment for us since we have to keep purchasing and replacing the patches, he is without pain every 3-4months. When the pain returns, he has to use for about 4-6 weeks and again pain-free for a few months which is the best we have had and happy with it. We have not noticed any side effects.

Thank you for sharing your Dads story as well as the success he’s having with his current treatment. That’s wonderful! I hope it continues long term, what a blessing.

(( hugs )) Mimi

I would like to know where you got it from, was it from doctor. Did you buy it off the Internet. I would like to try it.
Thanks for your information.

Mimi, thanks for the sweet note and the warm wishes. Need it!


My sister found it on the Internet, saw the reviews, we discussed and decided to try it. She found a local supplier in India and bought it from him. I buy the patches from Nanovibronix directly. I could send you the email details of my contact. Here is the link to the site.

Good luck!

Hi there... My mum had a similar problem with TN when she removed one of her teeth. She has been on Tegretol for the last 12 years but as the Neuralgia was progressing, she went on Lyrica as well. Lyrica created major site effects, mainly unbalancing which caused her two fractured bones! For this reason, I contacted Nanovibronix directly and received a PainShield device 4 weeks ago. Ever since my mum has been using it and she has seen major pain reduction. She is off Lyrica now and she will start lowering the dosage on Tegretol shortly... I really hope this will work...

Dear tn022, I called Nonovibronix directly in order to ask them how should my mum use the Painshield after the first 4 - 6 weeks. They answered it is a good practice to use it once a week for maintenance. Maybe you should consider this rather than waiting 3 - 4 months for the pain to return.

Hi Yiorgos,

Thanks for your feedback and Nice to hear that the Painshield has helped your mum. My dad's pain returned about three months back and this time it has not subsided completely. Every morning he has the pain despite using Painshield. He in fact tried a small dosage of Lyrica and now he is back on Gabantine. I would still vouch for the a time when his pain was so unbearable that it was hard for us to witness his suffering, it helped a lot.

Good luck,


I do not replace the patches, but stick it to the side of my face with medical tape.