Hi everyone I m new here plz help me. On feb 24th I woke up with some pain in the right side of my face especially my jaws were so tired. Then I got some pain on my cheeks , it was mild and tolerable and was fine by taking pain medication. The next day I had pain too , I went to the dentist and he said upper Teethes are fine.after that on and off I get some very mild pain, I went to ER and they Said it is PcP prescribed my antibiotics for sinus .i was fine for a few days but since yesterday I feel that the pain is coming . I also have some very mild pain in my lower wisdom tooth and a little swelling in my cheek .do u guys think it is TN? Plz help I have a little kid to take care of her every day.

This is a similar story to many here. However that is just an observation, I am not qualified. Often a Dr will take as proof of diagnosis, if a TN med relieves the pain somewhat. Wishing you well.

Hi Froz

Best to go to your GP and get checked out properly than try to self diagnose and worry about what it might be. Do it soon so as not to make it worse by upsetting yourself by not knowing. I was checked for many things before my diagnosis, so best to rule other things out as many things could have the same symptoms!

Take Care


Look at these pictures…

Google images:
Trigeminal neuralgia

This is pain that comes and goes…sharp,lightning…shock

Google images :
Atypical face pain… Constant, burning, boring, pain

If either of these feel familiar

  1. Dont have a bunch of unnecessary denist work

  2. Find a neurologist that has many TN. Patients… Even if you have to drive an hour

Look at doctorst tab above to find one.

TN is often initally misdiagnosed as TMJ… dont spend money on mouthgusrd etc… Till you see a real doctor

Your GP is probably not experienced in TN…and neither are most dentists

Read and learn, !


My mouth guard actually screwed up my teeth so beware for money hungry first time doctors. Caused pain i tell ya.

See a nuero!

I am very sorry to hear your'e going through this.

If you have a swelling around where your wisdom tooth is - chances are - it's an infection. You likely have a dental/periodontal abscess and you need to get it x-rayed and treated at the dentist's. See if prompt dental treatment (extraction/root canal) resolves this pain, if it does - chances are it's not TN. Did you develop this swelling BEFORE or AFTER you were seen by a dentist? Did the dentist do any X-rays?

It is very hard to guess what you MAY have unless you describe it in more detail, like what level of pain you are in (1-10), what type of pain it is - bright/dull, periodic/constant, pressure like, stabbing or burning . Does the pain feel electric, like shocks? Are there any triggers which bring on the pain - like food, cold or hot drinks, wind on your face, etc. Try to describe how it affects you through your typical day - like times when it's better or worse. Exact location of your pain (for example: behind right ear or upper right mandible).

Also please keep in mind - that no one, not even the doctor can diagnose your condition online. We could only suggest what it might be through comparison to our own experiences.

Best of luck and hope you get better!

How did it screw up your teeth? I am curious because the mouthguard I used before (custom made) no longer fit me after 2 fillings and I purchased one I could mold myself by boiling. I have been wearing that and noticed that although a snug fit it sometimes makes my mouth painful....

thermotronica said:

My mouth guard actually screwed up my teeth so beware for money hungry first time doctors. Caused pain i tell ya.

See a nuero!

Be very careful with the dentist. Many people here have had unnecessary dental work believing it would fix their pain. Including me. I had a root canal in hopes of fixing my throbbing tooth. Many that take this root end up in more pain.

If you are considering a dental procedure, especially a root canal or an extraction, please be sure there is physical evidence to support this. You should see a neurologist. Typically, nerve pain will not respond to pain killers such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. TN can be tricky and the pain can come and go. When I was first struggling this I was put on antibiotics several times and the pain would disappear for a few days only to come back later. And after I had the unnecessary root canal my pain got worse and travelled to places it had never been prior.

If your pain responds well to a medication used for TN then you know that you are dealing with nerve pain.

Like others' have said you need to be diagnosed by a real doctor, not by the internet.

Just do be very careful with the dentist.

I'm sure some of the moderators will chime in.

If it is TN it will likely get worse so look for answers now. Read, learn and act on it. Find doctors that will take you seriously.

I am also a single parent of a beautiful five year old girl so I understand your worry. You need to take care of yourself.

I would doubt it is TN….if the pain continues I ask yourself the following questions… the stress in you life in high gear? are you grinding your teeth at night? are you sitting with correct posture or are you like so many americans glued to your electronic devices and creating tight muscles in your neck and jaw?

I have TMJ, eagle syndrome and atypical facial pain…..sometimes one syndrome can cause problems with other areas of your face, neck and back…..I would try something called myo massage where they can relax your facial muscles…

I do have lots of anexity Ann.I don’t grind my teeth but I clench it a lot like when I notice sometimes that I m pressing my teeth.

You may benefit from a night guard for your teeth regardless of your exact diagnosis if you know you are a clencher. because there is a possibility you may damage your teeth. Best is to have it custom made by a dentist. But if you can't afford one - you could get one you could mould on your own by boiling it for $30-40 at the drug store. The only problem with those - is that they don't seem to hold shape for years like custom made one. They come with instructions and are easy to use though, are a snug fit and can be re-shaped a second time...

Froz said:

I do have lots of anexity Ann.I don't grind my teeth but I clench it a lot like when I notice sometimes that I m pressing my teeth.


Here are some good resources:

THE dental guru here - please send a message to be friends with Cleo--- most knowledgeable about dental research

Go to groups tab- I think there is a group called TMJ--A forum to discuss issues relating to TN and TMJ disorders.

This one is our favorite meds

This is a good one to share with loved ones/friends/ yourself!!!

This is for mouthwash, patches, creams for topical help

This one is for grieving our rare disease

Hope this helps!