TN linked to TMJ?

I’ve always known about my TMJ. Its mostly just been annoying clicking and cracking in my jaw. Occasionally it will lock up an I will have some pain. Now I’ve been diagnosed with TN. I have had pain off and on for years but always thought it was dental issues. Would go in tell them to pull whatever tooth was hurting and moved on. This last episode which led to me finally being diagnosed was a doozy. Severe pain that even percocet wasn’t scratching the surface on. Accompanied with burning, tingling, and numbness. The severe pain has been controlled by the carbamazepine that I’ve been slowly put on. However I still am having attacks of burning, tingling, and numbness. mostly just annoying. Anyway I’m wondering if my TN could be a result of my TMJ? Not sure if any link has been found between the two. So far the MRI they did came back “normal”. I’m new to all this and not sure how to cope with it all. I just want to be like my MRI scan…normal. sigh

I have tmd or tmj as well which is why it took so long for a diagnosis of TN. So I think its possible


I'm not sure either, however, my TN was on my TMJ side.

My TMJ is on both sides of my jaw. The tingling, numbness, and pains move. When the sever pain sent me in to the ER it was in front and back side of my ear. Felt I thought for sure I had the worst ear infection of my life but it would also shoot down my jaw line on both top and bottom. The doctor pushed on all 4 teeth that are remaining on my left side. One that is a crown. With no pain. The tingling and numbness are all over my cheek, lips, nose, and eye/eyebrow. Sometimes I get pins and needles other times its just feels off. Its a sensation in my skin for the most part. Except when its my eye ball. Then its burning and feels like it is hot but it is not. I have noticed that I have started to get similar feelings of numbness in my lips and tingling in my right side but that is VERY minor. Even as I type this I am having sharp pin feeling by my eye...right where I would put eyeliner on the lower part and in my eyeball itself. Great now its watering. LOL I just want some answers and I was probably grasping as straws trying to think that maybe my TMJ has caused it. I am just so frustrated yet glad that the MRI came back "normal". I just want some answers. I am tired of being broken. Its always something. I am 32 years old with 2 teenagers. Thankfully a loving & supportive hubby who takes good care of me. I also work 2 jobs and am a full time student. I already have an ankle injury, rotator cuff problems, dengenerated disk in my back, and knees that go out. Oh yeah and my hip has had issues too. I dont have time to be broken. To many people are counting on me.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Its just a difficult last few days. I am normally not a grouch.

No of course not lol

My TMJ hasn’t been xrayed but I’ve had an MRI. Also it hasn’t been behaving differently than it has over the last 15 years I’ve had it.

Hi PBMama and Low Pain Day to you,

Yes the two can definitely be linked, especially the ATN type. I had a jaw injury nearly a year ago and now having persistent idiopathic facial pain :(.


I know this is an older thread but I, too, have both and am desperately looking for answers. I am now wearing a mouth piece trying to “realign” my jaw but I think it just aggravates my TN. I have bilateral TN/ATN. Has anyone else had any success with mouth pieces or dentists in general?