TN caused by brain lesion?

Last week, I got the results of my MRI/MRA's back. They found a lesion in the meckel cave area. I have to go back on October 7 for a follow up MRI to see if it is growing. Has anybody else had a lesion as the cause of their TN? From what I've read, lesions in this area tend to be metases from other cancers in the body. I'm freaking out about this news.

Yes I have a brain lesion and also have TN. Try not to worry, my lesion is there but not causing any other harm . Read about brain lesions you will see as you grow older you will find them to be very common in alot of people. Try not to worry to much. I know it sounds scary, but it is not unusual and not indicative to cancer.

gem, what area is your lesion in? How often does your doctor recheck the size of the lesion? What size is it?

same place as yours I have it checked every 6 months

shirleyk said:

gem, what area is your lesion in? How often does your doctor recheck the size of the lesion? What size is it?

Thank you gem. I may actually sleep tonight! What other tests did your doctors do?

Alot of blood work, and also several cat scans. They also thought it was indicative of MS, because I have bilateral TN, so I had a

spinal tap, negative. Take a deep breath, I know that sounds easier then it truly is. I have found if I go in thinking all is well it will be, I tend to make out a lot better that way. Close your eyes go to sleep and know that doctor's will always paint the worst case scernois, they have to protect themselves. Have faith, you will be ok. Keep me posted.

i have a lesion too and when they told I freaked out! Try not to worry (easier said than done) but everything is going to be OK. God has a plan!

I have a few masses that were found as I was being diagnosed for TN. I was very concerned at first. Nthe neurologist says they are not causing my TN or any other problems. I had another MRI 5 months later and there were no changes. My neurologist says I shouldn’t worry about it and that I do not have MS either. I choose not to worry. I believe it. My concern is managing pain anyway.

Take care. Relax. And hugs

Ginger and Hope, where are your lesions/masses located? How large are they?

My husband has lesions (but not TN) and it is not cancer. It's actually quite common although he tells everyone he got them by being married to me. They had to do a brain mri for some reason and they found the lesions. They do a mri every 2 years to make sure there are no changes. One thing though. He couldn't get long term health insurance coverage because of them. And we worried that when his life insurance policy expired he wouldn't be able to renew - we converted it over to whole life before it expired. So KEEP your life insurance!

tkal, I laughed about your comment that your husband got his lesions from being married. I'll have to use that line on my husband. What worries me is that the neurologist said that they usually don't see things in this part of the brain. (meckel cave)

Interesting, I just pulled up an abstract on lesions in the meckel cave also known as the trigeminal cave and some patients reported facial pain. With nearly all patients reported no more facial pain when the lesions were removed. 1987

It's something to keep your attention on and have regular checkups, but it doesn't mean it's cancerous. Although, if it's causing you pain, you could check to see if they could remove it. That is if you are ready for brain surgery. I already want a MVD and I've only been diagnosed 18 months ago.

Do pain killers work in your case?

I loved the comment of getting it from your spouse! I tell everyone it is my "bubble of knowledge." Mine is located dead center of the brain between the two lobes. The tumor is growing ever so slowly and does not appear to be cancerous. The doctors started to talk about doing something with it but I have been through so much that if it is not hurting anything - leave me alone!!! haha

Hi shirleyk~ To answer your question. My large mass is on the right frontal lobe 1.6cm by 1.7 cm. It is seen in the periventricular white matter near the right frontal horn. 3 very small ones on the left frontal lobe. The neurologist said it could even be from an old head injury.

shirleyk said:

Ginger and Hope, where are your lesions/masses located? How large are they?

dead center between the right and left lobe - very small started out at 6mm a year ago and is now at almost 9mm (slowly growing)

I am not going to do anything until they use the "C" word or until it becomes a problem.

My lesion is 1.6cm by 1.0 cm. My neurologist said it was considered large. Hopefully the MRI next week will tell me more.

I have said a pray for. I know God is in control and has a plan for everything. I know it is always on your mind (no pun intended) because no one wants to have something growing in their brain. I just keep reminding myself God never makes a mistake. If it helps, name it something, I call mine a "bubble of knowledge." I know it sounds strange but it gets me through the day.

I had the follow up visit today. The lesion has not grown in 6 weeks. I have to have another MRI in 3 months to recheck. So it's not gone, but at least I'm not having brain surgery this month. :)

Keep us Posted here !!!!

We will count this as a blessing.