TN & ATN and Dentures

How many people here wear dentures, or partial dentures?

Do they interfere with your TN/ATN pain, make it worst, or not?

I am opting for partial dentures, this is due to all the teeth I have lost, all because this horrible ATN disease has disguised itself as toothache.

I had a peg tooth and had it removed because it kept triggering attacks. They gave me a tooth that was on a plate. I guess you could call it a partial. Now that is causing pain too. I just leave the damn thing off. I’m so much more comfortable even though I have a missing tooth. It’s worth it to me.

I am a teeth grinder and have lost most of my lower molars because of the damage I caused prior to recognizing it. I also have TN and GPN. Recently, I was excited to get a partial lower denture, but it kicks my GPN into high gear. My pain is largely controlled with high doses of gabapentin, but the partial causes pain levels of 6 or 7. So I guess I’m giving up on the partial and will just eat more slowly and not eat things like fresh apples anymore. :confused:

I have full dentures and cannot wear them as of this date. My nutrition has been horrible because of this and I am learning to take charge as far as possible of my own situation so I have begun multivitamin and yogurt every day.