TN and Dental Work

Please help…I have both type 1 and 2 tn…I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago and am on trileptal which seemed to manage the pain until recently. As the cold weather started so did the pain. I have appts set up to see if we need to adjust meds. So my main question is tooth extractions. I went to the dentist today for the first time since being diagnosed as I have been afraid of triggering more pain. Today was just exrays and a quick cleaning which was fine. However, the dentist wants to extract the back two teeth on both sides, top and bottom. I am terrified that my tn is going to make the pain unbearable. What is everyone’s experience having extractions with tn?

Well come you have to have the teeth extracted??? Is there proof that they have to go?? And if so, I had one extracted on the upper jaw by an oral surgeon. It went pretty smoothly. Lower jaw tho... I would want to be put under... I don't know .. I wouldn't want to have a shot in my tri nerve ever again. .. The last time was not fun for me. It caused me to become bi-lateral and have ear/jaw pain. . .I am going to have a crown done in December, and I will be going to a different dentist who does work under general anesthesia.

My top wisdom teeth came on years ago and there wasnt enough room. It caused my molars to break, leaving bits of teeth and the root so yes the need to go. The last two all the way around need to go but I have been too scared to do it. I told my dentist about my tn and he did an extra xray that encompassed my entire head. Not sure what it means as it was still developing when I left. I have another appt before the extraction so I think we will discuss it then.

I had my 2 top wisdom teeth pulled 2 months ago and it was a breeze. I have a lot of pain in the area on the left side so was worried too, but it feels the same as it was pre pull. I got them pulled to rule the left one out, I was lucky enough to not have any bottom wisdom teeth. They said the bottoms are a lot worse than the top. I even ate a burger on the way home and didn't take any pain meds afterward.

I am starting with the 4 on top then have to have another 4 on the bottom. The dentist said theres no infection and doesnt really think the two are related. My neurologist doesnt think the cause is dental. The teeth dont hurt me so its not a necessary procedure, but I’d like to have them pulled before they ruin my other teeth. M

I had a tooth extracted on the opposite side from my tn, I had an oral surgeon so the work since the roots were curved. He had to cut it out, I used gas along with novacaine , It went good with no side effects. I talked to the surgeon about the tn and was comfortable with him before I had him do it. good luck

Don't let a general dentist do extractions...especially molars. Go to an OS and get at least two opinions. Teeth extractions are out of the league of general dentists. The older you are, the more likely your nerves are wrapped around/entangled around the root of your teeth.

Hello, yes I am older and had a lower molar extract about 3 months ago

now I have had terrible pain with the bone coming thru I did another post

im trying ice and rest and heat, he just says to me , I need a neurologist

take care with th is, but myself, I had no choice infection

Sedona :)

i never let a dentist do my extracts