TN and breakfast

Obviously, since my TN has become so enamoured of me that it follows me everywhere, it ended up at the office with me this morning.

Trying to get a simple cheese sandwich down turned into a disaster. It hurts with every bite I take, so I finally resorted to dipping the sandwich in coffee so I wouldn't have to chew so much. (It is now 1pm and I have not finished breakfast yet). Also got a banana smoothie that needs to get warm before I can drink it. 200 mg carbamazepine clearly isn't going to cut it.

Another trip to the doctor this evening and the insurance company is making a fuss.Thank you rude customer service lady. You really think I find this fun? I could think of many places I'd rather be than the clinic with a hot water bottle glued to my cheek. (Holding the bottle right now). I live in the coldest part of the island (what the hell was I thinking) and it's now almost winter.. No help at all there! Yayy...

Hi Emil2y,
Sorry to read of your struggle to eat, TN can be quite frustrating!
200 mg Carbamazepine is a very low dose, usually pain relief is found between 600mg and 800mg.
To avoid hassles with your insurance company, make sure you have a plan in place with your doctor on how to safely taper up your meds. This way you don’t have to call or visit the doctor every time your pain increases.
Also, my saving grace has been a microwaveable heating bag. I found it at a pharmacy type store. When away from home I always keep “hot pockets” in my purse to apply to my face. I have a little flannel pocket made to put the hot pockets in.
Anyways, hope you start to find relief soon.
(( hugs )) Mimi

Thanks Mimi. Being on this site for the past few days has been a huge source of comfort in spite of all the pain.. It feels great to have a place to talk about this, and get information and sometimes just vent without anyone asking you why you're complaining so much about a toothache! Family and friends try to be supportive (although some just look at you with an awkward expression as if the thing was going to attack them too!) Here everyone knows how I feel - physically and emotionally without me needing too many words. You're right Mimi, 200mg is a low dose - in the past six months though it has been effective. Since the TN reappeared, clearly, it's not enough. I'm trying to figure out a solution about the meds and insurance..will have a talk to the doctor about that this evening too! Good news, I eventually took my 200mg right now (couldn't bear it anymore) and the pain subsided sufficiently to allow me to eat my sandwich (dipped in coffee). At least I'm not hungry anymore - that coupled with the pain makes for a very cranky me. (I'm afraid the insurance lady took the brunt of that today! )

I had to switch to slow release Tegretol as this helped me more and kept my TN in check. Might be something to look at? Good luck!

Thanks Mimi, I'll try to talk to my doctor about that. For now, I am up to 400 mg..