TMJ combined with TN?

A painful lymph node under the pain spot on my mouth was checked out by my doctor and not swollen and I was told to go to my dentist.My dentist said it was not a tooth problem so referred me to an ear specialist.

The ear specialist said it was a TM disorder and pushed me back to dentist.But he did do something that was painful as heck but the pain was so far down the next morning that I did not need pain meds-until I fell in the afternoon,and whacked my head.
So I went to a maxiofacial dental specialist and he was,HUH.
So now I am back at square one.
There is a spot at the back of the inside of my mouth that is very painful when touched(not on the other side) Is this typical with ATN or could it still be
Anyone know?
I feel like no one wants to treat me for anything.
Hoping I go away.
Hoping all my friends here had a nice summer.

I only have ATN, not TMJ, but a close friend of mine had severe TMJ so I learned a little about it. Depending on how your teeth line up I think it is possible to have TMJ pain on just 1 side, so that seems possible. I don’t have many touch triggers, but I have spoken with ATN people who have severe pain in response to touch, sometimes localized in a small area. It sounds to me like it could be either one. I was tested for TMJ when I was searching for my diagnosis, it was pretty easy. If there is no sign of damage to your teeth and jaw, and there is no inflammation in your jaw muscles it is probably ATN caused. Not that that has a good solution, since there isn’t much you can do about it. Good luck finding answers, and Docs who will search.

Thanks for your response.I think I might go to an osteopath that has been
recommended and see what happens.There is a definite line of pain in the
back of the mouth on touch.The first doctor that touched there was the ear
doctor.None of the specialist dentists did it until after the ear doctor.
So frustrated,and that just makes it worse.
Gonna go for a walk by the lake and make it all go away.

Hi Ellen
When I did all my own research to eliminate other possibilities,(when I got my diagnosis,)I remember coming across a couple of things which may or may not apply to you but worth checking out.
If I remember correctly there is a syndrome called temporal tendernitis. A spot at the back of the mouth toward the side where the upper teeth end roughly gets quite sore to touch. However with this syndrome there are a number of very specific symptoms which you may not have. The other thing is eagles syndrome where the bony styloid process is elongated and presses into the back of mouth and throat area.?You could check these out if you have not already?
My memory is a bit useless now on these drugs so please forgive me if I have some information wrong.
All the best in your search

Will look up these things.
An appointment with an osteopath next week.
The temporal tendonitis sounds promising(LOL)Maybe I better look it up first