It is actually my husband who is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. He has a meningioma, petroclival tumor that had no symptoms when it was discovered about 7 yrs ago accidentally. It was watched and as it grew very slowly he had the gamma knife procedure 2 years ago. He was fine and the tumor actually got a little smaller but about a year ago he started having symptoms of trigeminal neuralgis, sharp, shooting excrutiating pain to the left side of his mouth. He thought it was a bad toothache but the dentist couldnt find anything. These pains came and went. He started taking tegretol and tried a few other things, maybe he could’ve given them a little more time…not sure . Then the pain became more contstant. Since wednesday it has been incapacitating , we have been to the ER twice over the weekend for pain relief, we have enough narcotics to get through the weekend, then lots of appts scheuled. His left side of his mouth has been swollen since yesterday morning, his dr said thats unrelated so we are seeing the dentist just in case there is something else going on in addition. We also are seeing a neurologist tomorrow. I guess I’m thinkng he is going to have to do something other than medications at this point. He’s not excited about surgery and I don’t blame him. I wonder if another gamma knife can help.
I’m open to hear from anyone who has been through this that may offer any suggestions, doctors, or options that may have worked for you if you have suffered with this. He is a 60 year old man in fairly good health. Always active until this past year.
Thank you!