Hi there, I’ve been on Tegretol for 4 days no and notice no improvement. I was just wondering how long Tegretol took to work for anyone out there has been on this medicine. I’m at 100 mg twice a day . I have the deep ache more then the electric type pain and I get it on both sides although never at the same time. Thanks

Hi Adam. I never really found that it "worked " for me. At best it just took the edge off. Sorry about that.

What did u take after that? Thanks for the response

I had significant relief after 36 hrs!

I'm still taking it! I guess I figure that taking the edge off is better than nothing. I'm in this really weird kind of limbo at the moment where I have aching and numbness and tooth pain but nothing unbearable for now so I'm taking the same dose as you.

Hi Adam,

Initially, Within 24-48 hours I had relief, but it took a few weeks ( 4-6) of increases and switching to the extended release form to get to a therapeutic level.

After my lengthy remission ( no pain, no meds for 8 years ) it only took a few days to get compete pain relief.

Tegretol takes time to build up in our systems and usually therapeutic doses range in the 400mg- 600mg range or 600mg-800mg range.

Of course we 're all different, but I guess my advice is to go the distance with any med before you try a new one, barring any allergic reactions or severe side effects.

Once on Tegretol important to have bloodwork done every few months .

I have learned to always ask my Neuro for a schedule on how to increase my med ( should pain break through or worsen) this way in a pain crisis I don’t have to wait for doctors to get back to me.

Hope you get relief soon…

Mimi :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

What Mimi said. Know that each person is pretty unique and "your results may vary". I hope it works for you


Thank for the responses, I’ve been on it over 4 days now and nothing
: (

Don’t give up Adam, it can take a couple of weeks to get the levels of meds up in your body to a level that is therapeutic. When I was on Tegretol it took around two weeks to notice a slight change. My meds were adjusted every two weeks afterwards with my doctors permission till we got to a point that it helped. With a bit of luck, in the next week or so things will change for you (yes, I know how long those weeks, days, hours, minutes are when living with pain). Stay strong, Melissa

It took me six weeks to get any relief because I had to titrate up to the dosage that workes: 1200 mg. However, it started to not work as well, so my doc added lyrica.