Symptom Check

The one thing I would love to know from the community is does anyone have external pain. From the start of this issue my throat and side of neck has been painful to the touch. Right in the base or V of the throat and up the side all the way to the base of the ear on the right side and halfway up the other side. If I get into a pain cycle I get pain over my ear, face, teeth and Ptosis of the right eye. I also get extreme pain in my left rib cage and heart palpitations. I cannot wear shirts that hit my neck -no ties at all. I find it very painful to eat and have lost 20lbs the past year. Anyone out there with the same symptoms?

The docs are baffled.

Hi gonbad, just wanted you to know that what you describe is exactly what I have been dealing with. The whole side of my right face feels like I was hit with a hard ball. There is one spot in the throat where I feel the most pain which radiates to my ear. I thought my trigger was talking, but now it can be anything. The pain starts out gradual and by mid morning I can't stand it anymore. I don't want to talk to anyone, just go home from work and go to bed. The medications that I am on are also making me dizzy, they make me sleepy, can't function when Im at work. I am a nurse and have to have alot of contact with patients and have to go and see them in their homes and I have had a few close calls driving. Im thinking that with this pain and the medications I may have to leave my job. I have been to 4 doctors who just keep giving me drugs. What we all need is that one neurologist who will do the surgery even tho there are risks...I would rather take that risk then live like this...what have you done so far? I joined this site cuz Im at the end....I don't know where to go or what to do...this is not living and not worth having to get up everyday like this.....