Successful MVD Surgery!

I wanted to share some encouraging information for those who have lost hope or are facing surgery for your TN. I have suffered with TN for 6 years with symptoms including electric like shock pain in my rt. eye, side of the nose, teeth and gum areas and forehead. I have tried many of the more natural remedies as well as taking tegretol, all of which had no affect or little affect on my pain. I finally had an mri (enhanced) that showed compression of the right trigeminal nerve by the superior cerebellar artery. I decided that if I were to have a chance against this condition I had to move forward with surgery to relieve the pressure.

I took several weeks to research doctors who use the minimally invasive endo-scope for this procedure and found that geographically there are limited neuro-surgeons specializing in this. I live in North Idaho and the closest surgeon was in Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Alexander. On July 12th I had the surgery performed. I have to admit I was very apprehensive and even had thoughts that I would not make it thru the surgery at 60 years old. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Alexander and his track record spoke for itself. I awoke after the 3 hours surgery in ICU and have to say that I felt pretty good (with a lot of the anesthesia still in my system). I had 4 different vein or artery lines in as well as a catheter. This was by far the worst thing trying to turn over in bed with all of this attached. There was mild to moderate pain in the incision site and along the muscle at the base of my skull and neck, I had some nausea and a little dizziness, a mild fever, and my blood sugar elevated. The worst of it was over by the next day and I began to eat and get up and move around some. I experienced no TN related pain at all!!

Two months after the surgery, I continue to be pain free, and have resumed all normal activities. This was a life changer for me, and I would recommend it to anyone suffering with TN. If you have any concerns or would just like to talk about the surgical procedure let me know.

There is Hope!!!


Awesome and congratulations...Great to hear success stories for those still suffering. There is hope. I like you had MVD, but I had it 30 years ago. Woke up just like you and been fortunate to be pain free ever since. It is truly a miraculous feeling. Similar to your case I went 8 years before diagnosis. You and I were also very fortunate to have a relatively easy recovery period. Congrats again it is just great to have your life back..Ed

It's great to hear that things went so well for you. I didn't realize they have been doing this surgery for so long. It is encouraging to know that it also lasted without any recurrence. That is always in the back of your mind that it may come back. After going thru the surgery it would be hard to have to face another surgery, but I know some people do. I think having a skilled surgeon is very important. Where do you live and are you currently working. I was a chiropractor for 32 years and sold my practice 6 years ago and have been selling real estate here in North Idaho (Coeur d'Alene). I think there will always be a bond between TN sufferers. No one can ever realize the pain we endure (d) except maybe our spouses!!