Has anyone had the stimulator implanted to help with TN pain? I am in Ohio visiting with the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic and we decide this week if this is the route we will take.

I have not, however I have been reading up on it. Here's a link to a pretty thorough thread about it:

Thanks for the link Crystal, very intersting stuff!

I spoke with my neurosurgeon about this possibility. I'm in Ohio, but in Columbus. My dialogue with the doctor was that only after exhausting all other procedures, considering that the implant it's still a procedure considered experimental and not FDA approved, therefore most likely not covered by insurance.

I would be weary and see if they are suggesting this because of the case number they need or because nothing else has worked. Cleveland Clinic is leading the research in this procedure and the results look promising.

I have persistent TN Type I and plaques in the brain with no other neurological symptom. I had an MVD (2007) and Gamma knife (2011) that failed. We have started with botox shots (hoping for good results). If that doesn't work, the next step will be Glycerol injections and then Rizotomy (which I'm afraid of).

If nothing of that works the implant would be an option.

Wish you the best,


Thanks Carolina, (this is Charles wife, Angie), Charles is receiving his care from the Cleveland Clinic now. He is there hoping to get some help because no one could offer any help here in Texas. He has MS as well and the MS specialist didn't want him to do the stimulator because he is too young and will need future MRIs to monitor his MS. He spoke with another doctor and they have suggested and we'll probably go with the "balloon" therapy. The doctor said it has a success rate of 95% but that it will probably have to be done again in a few years.

Charles has had the MVD and the Rizotomy and he refuses to go through the Rizotomy again. The balloon therapy looks like (per YouTube) the Rizotomy only they put you to sleep for it. We're hoping for the best, this TN is no joke and a bear to live with!

Wishing you all the best!

Charles and Angie.