Has any one had a peripheral nerve stimulation?

My doctor wants to try this procedure. I had an MRI at the beginning of the month. It came back clean, except a pineal gland cyst and some white matter. But this was without contrast. So I asked if I should be getting an MRI with contrast before I start any procedures. He said that he would order the MRI. However, he still referred me to the pain management clinic for this procedure. I just would like to get a feel for the success rate of this procedure.

They will do a trial of this stimulator, it’s not very invasive so it’s worth a shot. Most doctors look for at lest 50% in pain reduction. It’s hit or miss with people but worth the trial part

have a friend going through this now for recent hip surgery that went wrong. I looked into it for mvd surgery for TN that went wrong and was told in my case it wouldnt help because its not a peripheral nerve. Maybe ask about that first.

Google the procedure and read some articles and you may be able to find the statistics with the success rates on there. Good luck. Have you been feeling better lately?

AndreaD, the doctor told me about the trial. He said that I would have wires attached to my face that are hooked to a battery pack. Then this would possibly give me some pain reduction. However, I'm not sure how this would be possible. I don't have pain just on one side of my face. I have it all over. So if the wires are focused on one side, how will that help with the rest of my face?

JDE, my stepmother was supposed to have this surgery for her back. It's a very common surgery for back and hip type of pain. But I'm not so sure about TN. That's why I was asking if anyone has gone through the surgery. Like I stated before, I have all over pain. So I'm not sure if it will help.

Donna, I haven't been feeling any better or any worse. My only problem is that my gaba isn't working. So, my doc is switching me to Topamax. I'm kind of glad about that because the gaba has caused me to gain at least twenty pounds. I'm praying for some type of relief soon for us all.

Praying for you! Keep me posted! ((((((((hugs)))))))))

The nerve stimulator can be done on both sides if need be, or maybe ask about the occipital nerve stimulator. Since the TN and ON nerve Are close to each other that sometime they do something call “cross talk” and it works to relieve TN pain. There is on electrode place in the back your head a wire on each side of your head. It’s worth looking into