Sometimes a *facepaw* isn't enough

Well .. I have the problems with my tegratol levels fixed, for now. But now that I'm taking a lower dose, I have new issues. Well, some aren't so much new, as more common. One is feeling like something is tickling inside my ears or having hair on my face when my hair is pulled back. or not near my face. Anything that touches my face, i feel phantom touches for a few moments after.

It's strange to say this, but one med that does help me.. really and truly does is flexeril. I don't know why, but when no pain meds work, nothing perscription or otc, that one works. I don't know if it's just because it relaxes me/ my facial muscles.

The sad thing. My doctor doesn't think it's 'theraputic' for me to take it. I want to yell. I'm like.. I've lived with this condition my whole life without knowing what it was until now, and you want to tell ME what I found that actually does help isn't 'theraputic'? That it's damaging to me? Wow.

I've had the Trigminy PVC's for years. I don't take Flexaril often enough to freak out, like 2 - 3x a week (two to three pills), so why would it be the problem with my heart? I sorta think it's my antidepressant...

This weather really needs to sort itself out. Winter one day, spring the next... summer later the week... FIGURE IT OUT MOTHER NATURE!

Is your doc a neurologist or neurosurgeon? one of the actual treatments FOR this T.N. is a muscle relaxer added to the anti-convulsant. It's usually Baclofen, but Flexeril could be used too. Geez, some of these docs make you want to punch them in the face!

No, she's a internal medicine doctor. She's mention Baclofen to me. I don't think she really knows much about TN. When I was first diagnosed, I thought it was rather rare, but I am finding now it's not so rare. I may have to visit a doctor through medicare to get reffered, and even then I don't know if medicare covers neurologists

I'll bet medicare covers neurologists. Now the one you want to see may not TAKE medicare, but if you can afford to pay them, do it. Then get a superbill type thing from the doctor with the codes on it & file a claim to medicare for reimbursement. DEFINITELY go to a specialist though.