Some useful links

Hi everyone, I am starting this thread so we can post useful links up for everyone to get easy access to.

The first link I'm posting talks about the spoon theory. A lady with Lupus was trying to explain to her friend the effort just day to day living took on her. I've used it myself a few times when I'm not at my best to explain to my kids and family and friends. Have a read and let me know what you think.


Over to you guys - if you come across something you want to share please copy and paste the link into this thread and let us know what you love about it. If you need a hand, send me a message and I'll post it for you.

All the best, Smiley:)

Nerve Blocks:

Site for New York School of Regional Anasthesia - this site has lots of information on different nerve blocks. The link below is for cervical plexis block. They also have pages for guided nerve block procedures etc. Could be a useful resource to formulate questions around these procedures.

Understanding Someone with Chronic Pain:

Hi Everyone,

Check out this wikihow link - it discusses understanding someone with chronic pain. It may be a useful reference to give to folk who struggle with understanding "chronic pain" don't always get better... or go away.. or act predictably. Have a read and let me know if you find it useful.



Thank you so much for posting this. I really related to this and feel so bad to see my husband or anyone in so much pain all the time. Im getting better at picking up when he is about to have a flare up and what Im finding out is that I will ask him how do u feel and this is when he tells me that the pain is getting worse, I hold him and tell him how much I love him and tell him this too shall pass. It comforts him to know that we are in this together and at least in that moment it gives him comfort and brings out a big smile on this face. It's a one day at a time and we both know that and except it and and we pray alot together and watch great spiritual shows which keeps us positive, thankful and stronger in faith. Thanks so much Smiley I needed this post today :)

great post!

This is my go-to link to share with anyone suffering facial pain symptoms. It is a diagnostic self-test available on the Oregon Health and Science University website in Oregon. Answer the questions and it helps you and your doctor have an applicable discussion re: diagnosis and treatment. It is made to print and take to your physician.

Thanks Ellen this is a great self test that I am printing out and bringing to the doctor. It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Ellen that's a great link, thank you for sharing it :)

Check this article out: Medical discovery - first step for New Medication being developed - Nottingham University

Saw new free full article on pubmed just put out in Feb 2015- really amazing compilation of GPN Also another new article there just out in March. There are tables that summarize. For some of this you might need to search what the medical terminology means.

A friend posted this one on facebook. Its sounds quite promising..

Great anatomy article here (thank you Mary):

This link is about a group in Canada that are announcing a breakthrough for delivering medicine directly through the Blood Brain Barrier.

This is a link to a paper by Dr Michael Brisman on TN, GPN, and HFS.

This is a case of GPN cured with two injections of Procaine

How about Ken Casey's 2-hour talk, The Tides of Neuropathic Pain...

Great video this one, and has lots of useful pragmatic information in it. thanks Nomad :)

Great diagram of nerve and their areas posted in another discussion (Thx JJ)


That's the best diagram I've seen. Thank you for posting.